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DEI Advocate Award

Congratulations! Q1 2023 Winners

Lucas Sikorski, IRB

Shandra White, Sponsored Research

December 2022 Winners

Jessica Catania, IACUC

Edeth Engel, IRB

Fair Workgroup, IRB: Monica Kane, Kim Rowan, Lucas Sikorski, Nathalia Henry-Whitely, Pranjal Patankar, Katie Wright, Edeth Engel, Rozelle Copeland, Christina Spicer, Beth Irwin, and Logan Cleary

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The DEI Advocate Award for the Office for Research will recognize those who are contributing to creating change within OR.

A DEI Advocate will:

  • Demonstrate courage and bravery to further DEI in OR
  • Contribute to cultivating an inclusive and equitable community in OR
  • Model behavior that supports diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in OR

We invite you to nominate a peer or yourself by completing this form:

Applications are open each quarter.

Nomination Form

Supporting information
Please share examples of how the nominee has: 

  1. Demonstrated courage and bravery to further DEI+ in OR and/or beyond
  2. Contributed to creating or furthering an inclusive and equitable culture in OR; and/or
  3. Modeled behavior that supports diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in OR

DEI Founders Award 

In 2022, the Office for Research recognized leaders in OR who were integral in driving DEI with the DEI Founders Award.

  • Ann K. Adams, Sr Associate Vice President, Office for Research
  • Brenda Bryant, Project Manager, Research IT
  • Theo Downs, Manager of User Support Systems, Research IT
  • Andrea Hall, former Director of Research Safety Chicago Campus
  • Shandra White, Assistant VP, Sponsored Research
  • Nathalia Henry Whitely, Executive Director, IRB Office


dei_founders group photo(Left to right: Milan Mrksich, Ann K. Adams, Brenda Bryant, Theo Downs,
Andrea Hall, Shandra White, Nathalia Henry Whitely.)